Breyer Animal Creations has been producing collectible model horse figurines for over 40 years. From 2001 to 2011 they ran a series of 50 different special runs called the Connoisseur Series. These models were produced in very limited numbers (350 models each), and were available only to subscribers of Breyer's magazine, Just About Horses.

This is the final model of the series, "Thrillseeker": (mouseover to view the other side)

Photos of all previous models can be found here.

Previous Connoisseur models are often available on eBay. Here are the current listings:

Breyer 2006 JAH Special Edition Miniature Connoisseur Collection Stablemates
Ends February 21st at 1:33 pm (17 hours and 41 minutes from now)
Ends February 22nd at 6:47 pm (1 day and 23 hours from now)
Breyer JAH Connoisseur Porcelain Giselle Limited 350 Made New LSP
Ends February 22nd at 3:27 pm (1 day and 20 hours from now)
Breyer Connoisseur Horse "ALVARO" 42nd in the Series - 2010
Ends March 6th at 1:01 pm (14 days and 17 hours from now)
Breyer 2006 JAH Connoisseur WANDERLUST Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa Horse Cigar
Ends March 9th at 12:50 pm (17 days and 16 hours from now)
Breyer Connoisseur "Spot On"
Ends February 23rd at 1:53 pm (2 days and 18 hours from now)
Breyer Model Horse Cantering Warmblood Pintoloosa Connoisseur Bag COA =)
Ends March 2nd at 8:09 am (10 days and 12 hours from now)
RARE GORGEOUS Breyer Horse Connoisseur Fortissimo Appaloosa Silver #90124 JAH SR
Ends March 1st at 12:06 am (9 days and 4 hours from now)
Breyer SR 2006 Wanderlust JAH Connoisseur
Ends March 11th at 7:24 pm (19 days and 23 hours from now)
Breyer connoisseur Quartermaster
Ends February 23rd at 6:54 pm (2 days and 23 hours from now)

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