Breyer Animal Creations has been producing collectible model horse figurines for over 40 years. From 2001 to 2011 they ran a series of 50 different special runs called the Connoisseur Series. These models were produced in very limited numbers (350 models each), and were available only to subscribers of Breyer's magazine, Just About Horses.

This is the final model of the series, "Thrillseeker": (mouseover to view the other side)

Photos of all previous models can be found here.

Previous Connoisseur models are often available on eBay. Here are the current listings:

Breyer stablemates 2006 JAH CONNOISSEUR collection...NRFB..
Ends November 25th at 8:41 am (6 days and 23 hours from now)
Breyer horse 1997 JAH Connoisseur Collection Special Edition Stablemates 12 pcs
Ends November 19th at 5:24 pm (1 day and 8 hours from now)
2006 JAH Miniature Connoisseur Collection Five Stablemates NIB
Ends November 22nd at 3:11 pm (4 days and 6 hours from now)
Breyer Connoisseur Third Time's A Charm
Ends November 23rd at 7:05 am (4 days and 22 hours from now)
Breyer 2004 Connoisseur Model "INCONSPICUOUS", with COA and bag
Ends November 23rd at 2:49 pm (5 days and 5 hours from now)
Breyer Miniature Connoisseur Collection
Ends December 1st at 11:33 am (13 days and 2 hours from now)
Breyer Bison Buffalo Connoisseur Model TAIMA with COA
Ends November 27th at 4:22 pm (9 days and 7 hours from now)
Breyer Fontainbleau - 2015 Breyerfest Connoisseur Store Special - Salinero Mold
Ends November 30th at 1:41 am (11 days and 16 hours from now)
Ends December 1st at 8:28 am (12 days and 23 hours from now)
Breyerfest 2014  Fontainebleau breyerfest Connoisseur store special
Ends December 13th at 8:15 pm (25 days and 11 hours from now)

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